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Financial Freedom

Escape from financial prison, with the help of these great articles, products, and books; grow your money and your financial freedom.


Steps to Financial Freedom Financial freedom is the power to do what you will with your life without being forever bound by lack of money and over burdened by debt. This worthwhile goal can be achieved by anyone through careful planning and persistence. Just follow these steps:
I wrote this one, so take a look -- Richard

Don't Bet Your Home The top of the cash out and spend activity was in 2002 when nearly $200 billion was refinanced out of the cumulative American home equity. The refinancing craze slowed some in 2003 and 2004, but it is still an ongoing problem.

Easy Ways To Make Money Using Compounding As Your Compass If you will find your calculator during your inspection of this article you will get more out of it. Numbers don't lie and you will take a glimpse into your future inside the little screen of your calculator.

Emergency Savings Account: Save More than Just Money Few, if any, of us escape life’s financial challenges. Whether it’s lay offs at work, unexpected medical bills, or the loss of a spouse’s income, having insufficient reserve funds to pay even one or two months’ worth of our bills can drive many to impossibly strict budgeting, the loss of real property, and sometimes even to bankruptcy.

Pay Off Debt then Get Rich This is an article worth millions of dollars to anyone who reads and applies these things.

The Avoid Debt Secret Financial talking heads on television and radio try to tell you how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, or what dance steps to use to avoid debt. Just about everything they say is the wrong thing. I don't mean they are lairs and you should ignore them. Actually, many of their ideas do make sense.

The Other Millionaire Secrets Becoming a millionaire – that is the dream of many people. But what is the secret in becoming a millionaire? People have been asking this question forever it seems.

Tips For Achieving Financial Independence Most of us seem to forget one of the most obvious things in our life even though it is that simple; money is only a tool to help us to do what we want, to live out your dreams or goals as far as money can buy them.


The Council of Debt Elimination Legally eliminate your debt fast! CDE lawfully settles your debt for pennies on the dollar. Immediate financial and emotional relief. Guaranteed. Get details..

FranklinCovey offers something for everyone! GET ORGANIZED! Our products will help you focus on and execute your top priorities, leaving not a single detail unchecked.

Invest In Your Debt You too can be debt free; automatic debt elimination program, invest in your debt seminar, financial fitness coaching.

The Prudent Speculator -- Up over 107% in 2003 -- Ranked #1 by Hulbert... Click Here!

Minyanville Gazette News and Views; daily market insights and commentary. Join the minyanville community today and get Buzz and Banter - their unique desktop application featuring:

  • REAL TIME insight and interpretation of the markets
  • Key technical levels, sector action, and notable stock movements
Delivered through the eyes and ears of more than 20 renowned investment professionals throughout the trading day.

StrategyRunner Real Time Trading Simulator with an Advanced Order Entry and Charts

TimingCube: Up 900% Since 2000 - 4 Trades a Year. Achieve outstanding returns in both up/down markets with TimingCube Trend Timing investement strategy. 3 to 5 trades a year. Try it risk-free for 30 days.

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Wealth Tactics Club We are a membership site that specializes in giving members the products, tools and training to sell "niche" information products over the Internet. We offer instant access to three top membership sites for one low monthly fee. Each membership site is unique and provides the tools and expertise to help create large income streams with "niche" information products.


Insider Secrets to Financial Success! This fabulous eBook and accompanying software bonuses have been compiled to help people realise their dreams and to face up to the biggest hurdle confronting us all - financial independence ... today and in retirement. Full of powerful information and practical tools, this self-help resource will offer excellent conversions for affiliates. It's not a get-rich-quick course, it's the real thing ... a step-by-step process that will work for just about everyone.

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