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Pay Off Debt then Get Rich

Author: Matt Fox

This is an article worth millions of dollars to anyone who reads and applies these things.

1. Pay off all your high interest debt. This means credit cards, high rate consolidation loans and any other type of expensive debt you have.

2. You can do this a little bit at a time, in great big chunks or all at once, but do it and do it quick. The short term interest rates are going up now and already credit card bill are doubling and maybe even tripling.

3. Now you want to know how? O.K. easy! Start a company that will produce more income than the business costs to run every month. A sample goal would be $300 a month. Is that still too much? Well, try just $10 a day then. O.K., O.K., I was trying to trick you. How about $7/day? $200.00 a month. If you have read down this far already you have the intelligence to create a company that can produce an extra $300 to $200 a month. In fact you already have one probably and donít even realize it.

4. What company, you ask? How about the money you waste every day/month/year on little odds and ends that equal $10 a day. Start with those fancy coffee drinks you have. About $3 to $4 a pop. Give those up if you can live without it and youíre almost halfway there. Do you see that candy bar at the checkout stand that sure looks good right now? Save a buck and let that candy bar stay there. How about that outfit you just have to buy because it looks so cute? Can you live without one outfit a month? Get the point? Easy and you might just lose a couple of those holiday pounds you gained too.

5. So your skinny already and canít afford to lose the weight? In that case, start any business you can that will produce that extra $300 to $200 a month and apply that to your debt.

6. Now your debt is gone and you still have this extra money coming in and you want to get rich? Now you want to invest in your own business that will provide you with residual income, income earned while you sleep, and the more of these income streams you have, the better off you will become. See my article "Getting Rich -- The Key.

With three startup businesses before he was 21 years old, Matt Fox has the experience to help you create your own businesses for your financial future. See his blog at http://www.bizmaker.blogspot.com

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