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Surviving Tough Times

Author: Marjorie Malone

With rising fuel and food prices; the loss of pensions, health care, and jobs; the increase in utility costs for heating, lighting and cooling your home, I think we can all agree that these are tough times. As I see these things unfolding before me and I see the newspaper headlines, ď4,000 workers to lose their jobsĒ I begun to wonder what families are suppose to do to get though these tough times.

Itís apparent that there are many families that are struggling to make ends meet. Being thrust into a personal and/or financial crisis can set your family into a tailspin. The word surplus is extinct in many households. There is no extra. When faced with these unfortunate but more and more common setbacks, the first common sense thing that should come to mind is to stop all excess spending. In other words control the spending. Whether the situation is temporary or extended getting the most out of your money should be the priority. Taking immediate action rather than waiting for six months to pass is the appropriate thing to do. Ignoring the situation would be the worst thing to do and could lead to disaster.

Iím a visual person. It helps me to write things down. So making a list of the familyís most important expenses should be done at the onset. That forces you to take a look at the things you and your family absolutely must have or do. A budget or spending plan would be in order. This helps to determine where your money will go. Next decide where you spend your money.

As you go through this process, some expenses will be more of a priority than others. Expenses such as rent, mortgage payments, car payments, and insurances most people give more priority to. Food, utilities, clothing, and household expenses are expenses that most people find easier to cut back on. These can easily be adjusted to fit your income.

The main thing is that all family members should have some input when faced with reducing spending. Each family member that is able to voice an idea or an opinion should be given the opportunity to contribute their ideas as to how the family can reduce spending.

Keep a calm but realistic outlook as you go through your tough time. Stay positive and focused. The future will be brighter if you do.

My name is Marjorie Malone. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and over the years I have been involved in many MLM networks. I enjoy people and selling quality products and services. I am currently the founder and owner of an e-commerce speciality store called Blue Angel Boutique. You will find a variety of products and services to meet your gift buying needs. You will discover unique giftwares, inspirational items, home accessories, jewelry, and other resources. We are the Home of Universal Treasures because the products and services are universal to all. There is something here for everyone. Please stop by and visit at http://www.blueangelboutique.com

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