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To date, there is no better application than iMazing crack, which allows you to manage the contents of the iPhone, iPad without iTunes.

But to download iMazing from the official site, you will need to pay as much as $30.

But you can iMazing download-for free from this page and do what it does: recover data from your device, add content, etc. If you need something to replace iTunes, just download iMazing crack. It is very easy to do so.

It is a popular program and one of its features is the ability to connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your PC.

That is, if you need to use your Apple device as an external storage device, you can get the iMazing crack for free. This will allow you to transfer important files from/to your mobile device in the usual way.

First, you need to download iMazing for free, install it, then connect your phone to your computer and you can view its contents.

The program has a user-friendly interface, divided into several panels, which displays all the content: photos, audio, video, contacts, messages, notes, call history. 

After installing iMazing full crack you can copy and move files with a simple drag and drop.


Why else should iMazing download-crack? The program takes care of backing up your iPhone files.

If you put iMazing torrent, you can safely forget about saving your data because an extra copy will be made automatically. 

Do you need to save the history of correspondence with your recipient?

And it will be possible without problems if you download iMazing full version for free.

The program allows you to save, transfer and even print SMS and MMS messages, it also works with iMessages. Attachments will also be saved. 

All this can be viewed on your computer or transferred to a new phone.

Transfer messenger history is done in the same way - if iMazing download - for free there will be no problem with this.


Why else would you need to download iMazing for free? 

For example, to back up settings and other data of installed applications.

If a user wants to save his progress in a game, but needs to switch to a new iPhone, iMazing crack reddit helps to do it without spending a lot of money.

Thus iMazing download is necessary for any owner of apple devices. 

The program provides full control over the files and simplifies the process of transferring them. 

The only downside is that the programs will be transferred one by one.  


How it works

So, try iMazing download for free on your computer and then install it on your device.

Then connect the iPhone with the important files on it via cable. Run iMazing and unsubscribe - it's not required.

When your smartphone's content loads, find the "Apps" tab and look for the app you want. Now right-click and click on the "Copy to Mac" entry.

All that's left to do is to specify the address to save it and wait until it's finished extracting it.

The process may take about 10 minutes. The first step of the process is complete. 


Now disconnect the first iPhone and connect the second - to which you need to copy and transfer information. 

Also open the "Applications" tab and select "Copy to device" at the bottom of the screen. 

In the menu that opens, select "Select" and confirm the copy. 

There's one thing... Beforehand in "Settings" disable the option "Find iPhone". 

It will block data even if iMazing download-for free. 


The main function why iMazing download is needed is to freely transfer files to any recipient: to another device or computer.

What about the trial period and the need to buy a license or a key? You do not need to do that.

Here they offer iMazing download crack, which means that after installation the program activates itself without having to enter the iMazing keygen.

That is why here you can download iMazing for free and forget about the problems with iTunes forever. 


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